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About Us

The story behind SE

SE Archers is a hunting based brand that was born in the Southeast region of the US in 2020. Hunting has always been a passion for us and taking the next step and recording those hunts to share was always a dream just like many outdoorsman. It started as just an outlet to share with others for fun but quickly became much more and the purpose much greater. The SE brand stands for hunters that hunt in the Southeast but that's only surface level. When we're in the woods staying persistent in the chase you will be tested on how bad you want to accomplish your goals. It will take your time, your sleep, sweat, and tears and staying engaged when things get tough is what gets us through. Hunting is definitely a huge part of our lives but that is only one facet and only pouring into that cup will leave others unfilled. So ultimately SE stands for a lifestyle to stay engaged in the outlets of our lives that we're called to be meaning your relationship with God, your spouse, and your family because without them we would not be who we are today or able to chase the passions and hobbies we love. So staying engaged in those and pouring into our faith and loved ones is of the upmost importance and every time we put on SE gear it stands as a reminder to us of what's most important and we hope that it will be for you as well.  

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